Clips and Trailers

"New York" Trailer
made for the film's NY cinema run at the IFC Center
(1:30, QuickTime)

Berlin Montage/Erik Spiekermann clip (2:23, QuickTime)

Wim Crouwel clip (1:52, QuickTime)

Experimental Jetset clip (1:48, QuickTime)

Neville Brody / Rick Poynor clip (1:52, QuickTime)

Helvetica is now available as a digital download for USA iTunes users.

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The clips are also available on YouTube.

Outtake Footage:

Massimo Vignelli on "The Map"

Hermann Zapf on his work, Univers, Helvetica, and coffee...

Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones on Gotham

Helvetica is a Swiss Dots Production, in association with Veer.